Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Paleo. blogging

Skull display, Texas Memorial Museum
I've mentioned before that one of the great things about researching and writing THE CHRONAL ENGINE has been wandering around the paleo-blogosphere and keeping up with breaking news and generally seeing what paleo-artists and paleo-enthusiasts and paleontologists are up to. 

One of the blogs I keep up with regularly is LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHASMOSAURS, which features (among other things) some really terrific posts on "vintage dinosaur art," including coverage of older children's books.

Chasmosaur blogger David Orr has also been responsible for organizing the current incarnation of the Boneyard Blog Carnival, which runs at various blogs on the first Tuesday of each month.

The June 2011 Boneyard Blog Carnival is hosted by the Project Dryptosaurus blog.  This month, they were gracious enough to include a link to my Pliny Moody post and also had some kind words to say about my blog here (thanks!).  Go take a look and check out some other great links! 

Incidentally, Project Dryptosaurus is the brainchild of Gary Vecchiarelli, a grad student and research assistant at the New Jersey State Museum.  Per the web site, "Project Dryptosaurus is a non-profit organization, dedicated to educating the public and scientific community about the world’s forgotten second dinosaur skeleton from New Jersey, Dryptosaurus aquilunguis and thus resurrecting this specimen to its rightful position in the chronology of dinosaur discoveries...

"Our project goal is to secure sufficient funds to mount this specimen for use in an exhibit and to have a permanent home in an institution synonymous with the local area in which it was found. Project Dyptosaurus overall is dedicated to advancing the science of dinosaur paleontology." 

For more information, go take a look at Project Dryptosaurus.

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