Thursday, June 16, 2011


DANNY DUNN AND THE ANTI-GRAVITY PAINT, by Jay Williams and Raymond Abrashkin (orig. published 1956)(ages 8-12).

What I remember:  In the DANNY DUNN series, Danny and his friends (Joe and Irene, etc.) have various science fiction-y adventures.  In this one, they accidentally set loose a spaceship and go traveling across the solar system...

I didn't read the entire series, but do recall DANNY DUNN AND THE HOMEWORK MACHINE and DANNY DUNN AND THE SWAMP MONSTER.

The rest of the recollection:  I remember always liking these books and am a little surprised I never read them all (especially since there's one about them being trapped on a desert island).  I also remember ANTI-GRAVITY paint feeling a little dated, but that was kind of one of the things I liked about it.

And now:  It's still a bit dated, but still fun (The science, even apart from the "anti-gravity paint," doesn't quite work...). 

In addition to Danny and his friend Joe, we're introduced to Danny's mother, and to Professor Bulfinch and Dr. Grimes (The jolly chubby scientist and the more saturnine tall, thin one must have been popular back in the day (it's also featured in THE ENORMOUS EGG)).  Irene apparently doesn't join the cast until book 3.  And, it's illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats!

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I have that book on my bookshelf!

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