Saturday, September 24, 2011

Writers and Dinosaurs: Jo Whittemore, Jessica Lee Anderson & P.J. Hoover

Jo, Jessica, and PJ pose predatorially
Texas Sweethearts Jo Whittemore, Jessica Lee Anderson, and P.J. Hoover recently sent me this hilarious photo.

Jo Whittemore was born in Kentucky on Halloween and moved to Texas while in sixth grade.  She writes fantasy and contemporary humor for middle graders and is an Aggie.  She is the author of THE SILVERSKIN LEGACY trilogy (Llewellyn); and FRONT PAGE FACE OFF and ODD GIRL IN (Aladdin MIX).  Her next novel, D IN DRAMA, is forthcoming from Aladdin MIX in August 2012.

Jessica Lee Anderson was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and grew up in a lot of places (her father was in the air force), including Hawaii and Texas.  She writes contemporary young adult fiction. Her novels include TRUDY (winner of the Milkweed Award) and BORDER CROSSING (Milkweed).  Her latest novel is CALLI (Milkweed 2011).

P.J. Hoover grew up in Virginia, holds electrical engineering and history degrees from Virginia Tech, and can solve a Rubik's Cube in under two minutes.  She writes fantasy for middle grade and teen readers.   She is the author of THE FORGOTTEN WORLDS trilogy (CBAY Books) and SOLSTICE (CreateSpace 2011).  P.J. was previously featured on WRITERS AND DINOSAURS here

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PJ Hoover said...

Thanks for the feature! See, we are always thinking about your book. You've created monsters :)

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