Tuesday, December 27, 2011


DANGEROUS WATERS: AN ADVENTURE ON THE TITANIC, by Gregory Mone (Roaring Brook, March 13, 2012)(ages 9-12).  Thirteen-year-old Patrick Waters has managed to secure a job as a steward aboard RMS Titanic in a highly unconventional manner.  There he befriends a young book collector who carries with him a copy of Francis Bacon's Essaies that just might hold the key to alchemy.

Also aboard are a stowaway and his partner, who are trying to secure the volume and the formula for turning base metals to gold for themselves.  Can Patrick uncover the plot and divine the secret of the Essaies?  Or is he destined to go down with the ship?

In DANGEROUS WATERS, treachery and adventure abound as readers are offered a glimpse into a bygone era.  In short, DANGEROUS WATERS provides a fascinating look at the most famous shipwreck of the 20th Century, with an appealing protagonist, a richly-drawn setting and, yes, an iceberg.  

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