Monday, December 05, 2011

GREGLSBLOG Picks of 2011

This year Cynthia had two books out, BLESSED and TANTALIZE: KIEREN'S STORY, which are of course my favorites. My wife, however, insists that it is dorky for me to list them as such (as I have done in the past). So, this year, here is my list of favorites books that I have recommended over the course of 2011 that were not written by someone related to me.  My rules are the same as in previous years, although I suppose I should be explicit that these are stand-alone titles.

Picture Books

MINE! by Shutta Crum, ill. by Patrice Barton.  Nearly wordless, yet expressive.

NOODLE AND LOU, by Liz Garton Scanlon, ill. by Arthur Howard.  A sweet tale of friendship.

NAAMAH AND THE ARK AT NIGHT, by Susan Campbell Bartoletti, ill. by Holly Meade.  A lyrical lullaby, and who doesn't like the story of Noah's Ark?

THE THIRD GIFT, by Linda Sue Park, ill. by Bagram Ibatoulline.  A lovely Christmas story.

LITTLE OWL'S NIGHT, by Divya Srinivasan.  A great bedtime read.

Middle Grade/Tween

WORDS IN THE DUST, by Trent Reedy. The dramatic and heartwarming story of a young Afghan girl.

THE GRAND PLAN TO FIX EVERYTHING, by Uma Krishnaswami.  Hooray for Bollywood!

WILD LIFE, by Cynthia DeFelice.  A survival story, of sorts, featuring a boy and his dog.

Young Adult

BETWEEN SHADES OF GRAY, by Ruta Sepetys. A fifteen year-old and her family survive Stalin's gulag.

STRAW HOUSE, WOOD HOUSE, BRICK HOUSE, BLOW, by Daniel Nayeri.  A collection of four quirky and compelling novellas. (Daniel's my editor, but I don't hold it against him :-)).

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