Thursday, November 12, 2009


GOING BOVINE, by Libba Bray (Delacorte 2009). Sixteen year old Cameron has been acting even more erratically than usual; turns out, he has mad cow disease and his brain is turning, literally, to mush. In the hospital, he encounters Gonzo, a sixteen year old hypochondriac dwarf, and Dulcie, a punk angel. Together, they undertake a cross country road trip (and more) to find Cameron a cure at a secret medical facility in Disney World.

Throw in a yard gnome who's actually a Norse god in exile, an insidiously catchy tune (you know the one), string theory, and the man of La Mancha, and you have a brilliantly funny novel of life, death, friendship, and life.

Cyn and I had the good fortune of reading an early draft during our 2005 Writefest workshop. The manuscript was massive (400+ pages) but, like the finished work, at once zany and thought-provoking.

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